Hong Kong Machine Learning Season 1 Episode 2

 21.08.2018 -  Hong Kong Machine Learning

Wilson Fok - Processing Medical 3D Scans - An example of heart segmentation Wilson presented us his approach on the 2018 Atrial Segmentation Challenge based on ensemble of convolutional neural networks. Here are the slides of his talk, and the GitHub for the heart segmentation code. Abstract: Training an ensemble of convolutional neural networks requires much computational resources for a large set of high-resolution medical 3D scans because deep representation requires many parameters and layers.

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Hong Kong Machine Learning Season 1 Episode 1

 18.07.2018 -  Hong Kong Machine Learning

Jill-Jênn Vie (https://jilljenn.github.io/) - Mangaki Jill-Jênn presented us his personal project: Mangaki, a non-profit recommender system of manga and anime. From the anime you watched and the manga you read, their algorithm discover new precious pearls that you will love! If you want to join the project, there’s plenty to do! From a technical point of view, Jill-Jênn presented the two main approaches to recommender systems: content-based and collaborative filtering. The approach implemented in Mangaki is a novel one which is both using and mixing the information from content and collaborative filtering.

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